" In just about any other race, Beveridge would be an easy choice for an endorsement. But he has the bad fortune to be facing one of the best-qualified incumbents to ever hold a commissioner’s seat who has also been quite effective in her role. Chandler-Henry has also run a successful business and raised a family in the valley, and has served on volunteer boards and commissions too numerous to mention. Since being appointed to her post in 2013, Chandler-Henry has served the county well — and won an election in 2014 allowing her to serve out the term of former Commissioner Jon Stavney. Chandler-Henry is well-educated on issues from streets to water law, works hard and is a dedicated representative for county voters. "

- The Vail Daily Editorial Board, 10/20/2016 [link]

Kathy 2

"Experience counts and I urge you to support Kathy. Rick Beveridge is a friend of mine, and he and his family are great people, but in this case, we give our support to Kathy for the job that she has done well for the past 3.5 years." 

- Mike Lederhause, McCoy [link] 

"Chandler-Henry is the only candidate who grew up in this valley. She has chosen to spend her adult life here. Long before she entered political office she developed a reputation throughout the valley for effective leadership and a unique ability to help many community organizations identify goals and follow up with an effective action plan. She carries those qualities with her to the county job. As a county commissioner, she listens carefully to her constituents and works hard for solutions to their issues. Never once have we seen her succumb to the kind of petty politics that have consumed some previous boards. Her unique background as a longtime Eagle County resident, her problem-solving skills and her community involvement make her an effective commissioner. We believe the county will benefit from another four years with Kathy in office."

- Bill and Kathy Heicher [link]

"We live in a complex world in which familiarity with the issues is critically important to effective governance. Jill Ryan and Kathy Chandler-Henry have that knowledge. Furthermore, in their service to date, they have demonstrated integrity, good judgment, and the ability to work effectively with the different communities in Eagle County. I urge everyone to vote for them in November."

- Jamie Harrison [link]

Kathy Chandler Henry

"I commiserate. I empathize. I feel your pain. There are few, whether right or left, who won’t get an serious case of acid indigestion when they mark their choice for president this fall. Relax. The perfect antacid is just a short way down the ballot. Kathy Chandler-Henry for county commissioner will calm your roiling stomach and revive your faith in democracy. It is difficult for me to list all her outstanding qualities for fear of sounding hyperbolic and insincere. Certainly, no one can possibly be that good. Right? Wrong! She is intelligent. She is educated. She is open-minded. She is thoughtful. She is humble (to a fault in a politician). She is warm and compassionate. She can be hard headed when needed. She is fiscally responsible. She works tirelessly for the people of Eagle County. Really, she’s that good. Please, please vote for Kathy Chandler-Henry. Your vote for her will help you to forget this dismal chapter in our country’s history."

- Peter Runyon, Former Eagle County Commissioner [link]

"It is difficult to balance concerns about our environment while simultaneously supporting business development in Eagle County, but Kathy has done that. Kathy has worked consistently with the Vail Valley Partnership and all our municipalities to assure that job opportunities are explored to keep our residents employed here at home. At the same time, she has supported the Continental Divide Wilderness and Recreation Act, as well as alternative transportation in an effort to get citizens from their homes to work while reducing greenhouse emissions. Kathy has worked diligently for all areas of Eagle County including El Jebel and Basalt in the Roaring Fork Valley. She makes herself available to discuss concerns raised by our fellow citizens on affordable housing, senior care, early childhood education and many other current issues. It is for these reasons that I encourage you to vote for Kathy Chandler-Henry to be one of Eagle County’s commissioners."

- George Gregory [link]

"I am proud to write a letter to endorse incredible women leaders with proven track records. Gail Schwartz, Diane Mitsch Bush, Teak Simonton, Jill Ryan, and Kathy Chandler-Henry share many traits in common that make them great leaders and assets to the communities they represent. In particular, they are all strong advocates for our public lands. Our quality of life and our economy rest upon the bedrock of public lands staying public. A movement powered by a special interest group out of Utah threatens public lands staying open and accessible. I am grateful that Ryan and Chandler-Henry lead efforts locally to push against this fringe movement."

- State Senator Kerry Donovan [link]